How to Make Your Instagram Feed More Cool!


The Instagram feed is a profile page that displays photos and videos that you can upload. The feed can be seen directly when someone visits the Instagram profile page on that account.

Now for those of you who are currently looking for IG feed recommendations for your account, let’s follow the discussion as follows:

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1 1. Define the Grid Layout
1.1 Puzzle Feed
1.2 Checkerboard / tiles feed


How to make an Instagram feed more interesting is

by compiling an IG design layout with various pattern recommendations (we will study together in the article below). In addition, an attractive Venezuela Phone Number IG Feed can increase the number of likes and followers of your account.


1.3 Horizontal lines
1.4 Border
2 2. Choose a Theme
2.1 Minimalism
2.2 Black & White
2.3 Vintage
2.4 Natural
3 3. Use the Same Filter
4 4. Setting the Order of Posts
5 5. Apply Color Coordinates
6 6. Pay Attention to Photo Quality
7 Conclusion
1. Define the Grid Layout
The grid layout is the layout of your posts on the feed. This can help you decide what photos to place next to other photos. The layout will make it easier for you to create an aesthetic and consistent IG feed.

There are several grid layouts that you can create on

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your Instagram feed. Here are some of them:

Puzzle Feed
Puzzle feed or what is commonly called a connected Instagram feed is one of the most popular and can be applied to the IG profile page. You can create puzzle models on feeds with the help of the app.

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With so many apps that can help you create puzzles on your Instagram feed. This time, here is an example of the Grid Post application that you can use as an example to download the App Store and Play Store applications. Then, follow the steps as below.



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