Xi Jinping is not an outlier in the history of the CCP, but a natural result of Deng Xiaoping’s development model

Chang Ping (senior media person in China. Writer of current affairs commentary. Chief curator of the June 4th Memory and Human Rights Museum. Now living in Germany) The third historical resolution. Of the Communist Party of China – the “Resolution of the Central Committee of .The Communist Party of China on the Major Achievements and Historical. Experience of the Party’s Hundred Years of Struggle” adopted by the Sixth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in November 2021 –  not unexpectedly receiv by all parties after its publication. Read more. However. Just like the mistakes  historical researchers often make. What people find in historical texts with a magnify glass is often annotated by Liujing. Which confirms the conclusions already set in their hearts.


For this historical resolution

the analysis published by the Nepal Phone Number Western mainstream  media. Almost without exception, is to prove that it is different from. The previous two historical resolutions of. The CCP—the “Resolution on Certain Historical Issues” adopted by the Seventh Plenary. Session of the Sixth Central .Committee of the Communist Party of China in April 1945. Resolution” and the “Resolution on Several Historical Issues of the Party Since the Found. Of the People’s Republic of China” passed by the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in June 1981. Especially considered that it is completely different from the second historical resolution. And it is reversing history. Since Xi Jinping’s regime   a big splash against Western constitutional democracy. persecuted Chinese human rights lawyers and dissidents. And especially since the revision of the constitution in April 2018 to pave. The way for lifelong power.The argument that he runs counter to Deng Xiaoping’s line of .Reform and opening up  become familiar to everyone. However. It still amazes me that all public opinion interprets this CCP document so consistently.

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The characterization of the

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Cultural Revolutionhas not changed Before that, some people worried that this historical resolution would reverse the verdict of the “Cultural Revolution”, and some people expected it to have a different conclusion on the “June 4th” massacre. In fact, such a change did not happen. T hostile forces against communism and anti-socialism in the world, caused by the international climate and domestic microclimate,” and requires a clear-cut opposition. However, this does not prevent people from finding differences in more than 30,000 words of text. At first glance, the third historical resolution is indeed quite different. Among them, the biggest difference is that the first two resolutions spent a lot of time summarizing the “mistakes” and “lessons” of the CCP. This resolution is mainly about summarizing achievements and boasting. However, this is only superficial. The first two resolutions were summing up the mistakes of others (the ex) and boasting about their own achievements. . His own leader, Comrade Mao Zedong”. The second resolution followed suit, criticizing Mao Zedong and his possible successor to power, the “Gang of Four,” for their grave mistakes, arguing that they had brought great disaster to China, with the aim of establishing Deng Xiaoping’s de facto leadership. Paradoxically, many people pointed out that the third resolution’s denial of Deng Xiaoping’s line of reform and opening up was aimed at creating a lofty image of Xi Jinping to prove its difference from the first two. If so, wouldn’t it be even more proof that they are identical in method? Three historical resolutions are inherently consistent In my opinion, the three historical resolutions are completely consistent in their motivation, approach and core content. Even the text form is much the same.

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