Surviving The Coming Great Tribulation: Apostle Series – Chapter Five

I ended Chapter Four with the statement:

This being 9/11 – I feel it is appropriate to look at what has been coming out about some of afghanistan phone number the major inconsistencies involved in the ‘Trade Towers’ fiasco and False Flag Operations: Well, Hang ON!

The author strongly suggests that you search out on by the author’s name to find the previously published articles in afghanistan phone number the newly created section called Surviving The Soon Coming Great Tribulation: Apostle’s Series. Then you will be up-to-speed. Due to the length of this series, I have had to publish my original article in sections – by Chapters – to meet the good article bank’s guidelines.

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In support of my premise that if we are to Survive The Soon Coming Great Tribulation – then we have to afghanistan phone number be willing to DO some things which most doomed to destruction people will not be willing to do or procrastinated too long before implementing.

We need to make money fast, convert it to gold, and warn others. This chapter reflects light on afghanistan phone number some of the whys.

As Noah did with little success – but God has done and continues to do today by using His elect chosen – afghanistan phone number a deliverance vessel is always provided to those Who have hear. Most of those saints did NOT WANT TO HEAR either. Yet afghanistan phone number because they chose to hear God voice – or The Spirit Of God when he told them what to do _ The listeners survived and saved many other who listened to them.

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