What is ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR Error? How to Solve? Questions such as “This site cannot provide a secure connection. Warning on the website they are trying to visit may be familiar to those who see it.

One of Google’s most miraculous tools. Which has almost 90% of the worldwide search engine market.  Chrome is famous for offering extensive customizations, being safe and fast. However, although it is the most preferred web browser, Google Chrome is not flawless and error-free.

What is ERR SSL Protocol

ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error, which is also encounter in browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Apart from Google Chrome It is an error code that the browser reports to website visitors. It means that the secure connection to the server that needs to be connect fail, the domain sent an invalid response.+

Fixing SSL protocol error is by trial and error as this error can. Have many causes such as invalid system clock, IP blocking firewall, blacklisting in the site’s hosts file, browser extensions blocking the site, and cookies/cache that haven’t clear for a long time. Using an older version of Chrome may also result in encountering this error message. Modern browsers are constantly updated with new security features and bug fixes, so staying up to date is recommended.

What Causes ERR

Today, the internet, which offers much more than information exchange, is now use as a business environment. Itorage area, bank and shopping center for most people. However, the fact that people carry out all kinds of sensitive and personal transactions over the internet causing many security problems has made TLS / SSL an absolute necessity in the online world.

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Based on standard HTTP, this security Benin Phone Number protocol secures connections, allowing data streams to be transmitted in encrypted form. Websites with SSL appear prefixed with HTTPS, while others use  has a number of key benefits, including improved SEO and a high level of security.

When a Google Chrome user sends a request to access an SSL-protected website via the browser, they will encounter the message ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error if the secure connection is not working .


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How to Solve ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error Error?

Since there is no single cause of ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error, it may make more sense to focus on the solution rather than tracing the problem. Because the reasons behind not being able to connect to the server or any website may not always be found.

It is possible to fix this error without the need for a professional expert. Some recommended steps focus on server setup and issues with how the SSL certificate is configured, while other steps focus on browser settings. Here are some simple but effective solutions that can work to fix the ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error error:

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