“Princess Mononoke”: Starting from the death of a wild boar, looking for a way for the forest and the city to coexist

The animation so far refers to the development of civilization and the development of the environment. The existence of human society today is entirely dependent on the development and utilization of nature. The problem is, the balance between endless cultivation and moderation, and can we really conquer nature completely without consequences? Wonderful literary and artistic works often do not provide answers, such as “Princess Mononoke” and “Parasite”.


Through the focus of the work

the situation is revealed and Nepal Phone Number speculation is triggered. Through the eyes of Dhaka, we see people with different positions. Just like the appearance of Mononoke Princess Xiao Sang, the middle position. She was raised by the dog god since she was a child, and regarded herself as the daughter of the forest, she stepped forward to turn the tide and hoped to stop the development. Only civilization is like a flood, with little power and no way to stop it. 1_-Zuu9_biYW8qrvDbfmAE_g Image source: stills from the movie “Princess Mononoke” Dhaka mediates the dispute between the two. Hatred is a demon and a blind spot. He hopes to find a way for the forest and the city of Dada to coexist. However, the appearance of monks representing practical utility and politics led to forest wars, slaughtering countless wild boars, and corpses everywhere.


It is human nature to want to have everything in the world

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The monk used the black hat to kill the beast god and take its head. The dead soul of the mountain beast god draws life and loses control to counterattack the world. The sin of murdering gods, the right way has emerged. Today’s human beings think they are gods. Dhaka’s gentle and calm heart may still not be able to find a way out, but he is thinking in a dilemma, and keeps trying to find his own meaning. Like he and Xiao Sang raised the head of the mountain beast god and returned it to nature. 1_myYtrAC9XL3IaXnjnqGxIA Image source: stills from the movie “Princess Mononoke” 1_y0Q35bhIZ9eCqbBwxEfDqg Image source: stills from the movie “Princess Mononoke” This article is reproduced with the authorization of the author. For the original text, please see the author Medium . related articles:

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