Oberlo Review (Oct 2022): Migrating Dropshipping Apps from a Discontinued App

Oberlo, a prominent dropshipping app, plans to shut down all operations in March 2022. Our previous Oberlo review spoke highly of Shopify – an exclusive dropshipping solution, but Shopify ended up buying the app and decided to stop operating. Similar to many acquisitions in the tech space, Shopify appears to have bought Oberlo for several reasons, but Philippines Mobile Number primarily to provide a fully integrated dropshipping solution while also combining Oberlo’s technology with tools they find more appealing.

After consideration, Shopify decided to use a third-party app called DSers as its main app dropshipping solution. We’re not sure how much, if any, Oberlo technology has been transferred to the partnership, but one thing’s for sure: Oberlo is gone and all former Oberlo users must transfer their accounts to DSers, or alternative dropshipping application , in order to maintain some kind of dropshipping functionality.


How to Migrate to Other Dropshipping Apps (While Keeping Your Inventory)

For all Oberlo merchants, the goal is to keep all your inventory, but have no problem transferring it to another dropshipping app. It’s also important that your next dropshipping app is promising.

Shopify is recommending its third-party partner DSers, which is definitely a viable solution, but we’ll also cover migrating from Oberlo to other popular apps that might seem more appealing, depending on your situation.

Some of the top applications migrated from Oberlo include:

  • DS user
  • Modalyst
  • Spocket
  • import
  • DSM (Dropshipman)
  • Epro
  • Automatic DS Dropshipping
  • Ali orders AliExpress Dropship

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As an alternative, you can choose the dropshipping app to have your own product sourcing – not from AliExpress – and you won’t be able to transfer products from Oberlo. In this case, you’ll most likely want to start over with a different system, or you’ll want to try print-on-demand purchasing. Some of these options include:

  • Printful
  • Printify
  • Salehoo
  • Spreadr
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How to migrate from Oberlo to DSers

As the recommended Oberlo alternative to Shopify, DSers are probably your best bet if you have to maintain similar functionality and move your inventory without issue.

To do this, complete these steps.

Log in to your Oberlo dashboard and click Home .

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