NFC Compatible Phones List

NFC in Mobile Phones and Tablets:

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio
Benin Mobile Database communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity, usually no more than a few inches.

NFC is already appearing in many smartphones and some tablets, and has been widely deployed for years in Japan and South Korea for tasks including transit rides and small retail purchases. Early NFC trials for purchases are under way in Europe, India and the U.S.


An NFC chip in a smartphone can be used to communicate with another NFC-ready device. The technology operates in two-way fashion, so that information can be passed in both directions. That means a bank can electronically authorize payment to the store via an NFC-ready smartphone, and the store’s NFC payment terminal can then send the phone a receipt as well as a coupon or other promotion for a future purchase.

  1. We are observing a jump in the adoption of this technology by users in the smart phones nowadays. This NFC technology offers users all of the benefits they enjoy with contactless cards – including convenience, ease of use, security and speed of payment, as well as the opportunity to more closely integrate their mobile phone/device into their day-to-day. For instance, Commonwealth Bank customers are now able to withdraw cash from ATMs without even using a card. Instead, users log on to the banks mobile app, select the amount they wish to withdraw and receive a code to enter into the ATM as well as a PIN sent via text to their phone. In Westpac’s most recent trial, customers scanned their fingerprint to log onto its banking app and St. George recently became the country’s first bank to tap into the wearable technology trend, with a new banking app designed for smartwatches. All of these innovations make it easier for consumers to go about their day without the use of cash or traditional payment cards.
  2. We can collect information (audio, video, images, softwares, etc) from other phones.
  3. By touching two phones together we can go for two player game.
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Regarding security issues:

With the continued integration of smartphones into our daily lives, one may argue that storing banking details in a phone is inherently more secure than traditional cards simply due to the connection between consumers and their smartphones. While it’s common to misplace a wallet or credit card, consumers are more accustomed to checking their phone throughout the day and would be likely to notice immediately if it went missing.


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