Metrics that rate the authority of a link, how true?

What do we want to measure? To evaluate the SEO value of a link, the . DA and PA metrics can help us and for this. Mayestic is the one that offers the most reliable values ​​based on its measurement criteria: citation flow (CF) and trust flow (TF) .

Citation Flow measures the number of links to a page, while . Trust Flow takes into account the number of links from pages considered “reliable” or quality.

The Trust Flow is then divided by themes, so that you can see USA Phone Number your score within the theme that interests you. This score will be higher, the more “connected” a page is with others that Majestic considers trustworthy within that theme.

Note that Majestic has its own way of estimating this degree of confidence, and it doesn’t have to be exact to how Google does it.

In any case, Google will give more importance to the links considered most relevant to the page that is linked, this means that the word that we want to position must have a theme that has to do with the one treated in the destination page.

With the tools that we have seen at

the beginning of this point, such as Semrus h, it is not recommended to

do backlink analysis , since the database of links that Semrush analyzes is really small compared to that of Majestic .

Metrics that estimate the organic traffic of a link?
When looking for a possible candidate website to link links, the more

traffic it receives, the more options there will be to send traffic to our website. Seen this way, it seems simple, but what is it like when it comes to practice? We will take hand from the following data sources:

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Sixtrix is ​​used to approximate the traffic of an entire domain. Its weakness is that its keyword index is lower than the database of words presented by Semrush or Ahrefs , although, an important point to assess, is that Sistrix better estimates the global organic traffic of a domain than its competitor meters.

On the other hand, Ahrefs has the advantage that its keyword database, at least for Spain, is larger than Sistrix ‘s and in multiple niches Ahrefs finds more keywords than Sistrix . However, the experience of more than ten years of perfecting the Sixtrix algorithm makes it the star of SEO data.

The same goes for Semrush , with a larger database of keywords, but with a worse estimate of organic traffic from a domain than Sixtrix . Given these points, should Sixtrix be chosen as the preferred tool to estimate organic traffic? You will have to get down to work and start experiencing it for yourself….

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Metrics and more metrics…

Do we really know how to interpret them and realize if they are correct? Or do we swallow any data that the measurement tools throw up without knowing how to digest them?



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