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The search menu to find brands that create great content. Crochet Blogs on Pinterest to safeguard 4. Look at the competition If you want a really in-depth search for blogs worth following, you can look at the top blog competitors. A powerful tool like SEMrush can help you with this. Simply run a domain analysis and look at the “Top Organic Competitors” and “Competitive Positioning Map” sections of the report. SEMrush Competitor Blogs to safeguard Got a long list of blogs you want to follow? Good. Now is the time to move on to the good stuff. How to follow blogs Let’s face it, you probably don’t need a guide to teach you the basics of blogging. You can follow them on social media, subscribe to their newsletter, and accept push notifications from blogs that feature them.


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You need to know a little more about RSS feeds. What is an RSS feed? RSS or “Really Simple Syndication” is a standardized web feed that allows users to get quick content updates Peru Phone Number on a website. They are often accompanied by “news aggregator” applications that track RSS feeds from multiple websites and make them easily accessible to users. Blogs, industry news sites, and publications like Computer World offer RSS feed URLs on their sites for readers to follow. Computer World RSS Feed to safeguard Later in this article, we’ll look at the tools you can use to follow blogs via RSS feeds. But first, let’s address a key question: What if a blog I like has no RSS? Many older websites feature an RSS feed icon to make it easier for readers to follow their blog. However, even today’s major websites don’t outright promote their RSS feed URLs. But that doesn’t mean they don’t support it. Here’s a known fact: all WordPress blogs have built-in support for RSS feeds. If a website is running on WordPress.

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TechCrunch  for example doesn’t mention having an RSS feed on its homepage

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No RSS button on TechCrunch to safeguard But by going to “www.techcrunch.com/feed” we can verify that it is there. TechCrunch RSS Feed URL to safeguard Unfortunately, not all websites use the default RSS feed URL format. Some websites like Polygon use a different URL for their RSS feed. And if you tried to check the default URL, you will get a “404 Not Found” error. Different RSS link for Polygon to safeguard The good news is that you can easily find their RSS feed URL using a tool like FeedBurner . How to Check a Website’s RSS Feed Using FeedBurner Google Feed Burner to safeguard Simply put, FeedBurner is a Google service that allows website owners to track their RSS feed subscribers. Apart from that, it also automatically removes active RSS feeds from a given website. For example, let’s enter the Polygon URL into FeedBurner

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