How To Search Mezzanine Debt Providers In the USA and Canada

Searching for mezzanine debt providers can be a difficult exercise. It requires focus, rigor and determination. This makes the search for mezzanine debt providers more buy usa email database challenging. The main sorting criteria are by region, size of fund, type of fund, preferred check size, preferred deal type and preferred industries. There are few industry databases where you can quickly access buy usa email database and screen mezzanine debt providers by these criteria. First learn some basics about what a mezzanine debt provider is. They provide loans that a bank will not provide. These loans are riskier than bank loans, seldom collateralized and repayment depends upon future cash flow. They can be used for just about any corporate use imaginable including buying a company, expansion, or buying out your partner. They take more risk than a bank and get paid higher interest amounts than a bank loan.

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Here is some helpful information for those seeking to learn more about the best way to buy usa email database search. Many small mezzanine providers – funds ranging in size from $50 million to $200 million are called Small Business Investment Corporations and receive funding support from the Small Business Administration. The SBIC has a web site that lists many of these funds. There are several private equity oriented web sites such as PEHub which also contain references to mezzanine funds. Google searching for mezzanine debt providers is a good thing to do but it will provide you with many press releases on closed deals that you will then have to cross reference to determine if the mezzanine fund is right for your deal. There are paid databases that you can purchase on buy usa email database line but many of these databases do not contain accurate contact information including email address.

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The most important thing in searching for mezzanine debt providers is to ensure that you can first develop a transaction profile for your deal. A transaction profile is an outline that describes the type of deal – such as acquisition financing, growth financing or buy out, the type of company – business services, consumer products, health care services and the summary financial overview. Once you have this  buy usa email databaseprofile in hand, you can then visit a few mezzanine funds online such as Praesidian Capital and Main Street Capital to see if your deal fits their general criteria.


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