Finding Legitimate Wholesale Suppliers (And Spotting the Fraudulent Ones)

As I wrote in a previous article, the dismal economy has led more people to look into perhaps making a living as an online retailer. This is not exactly a brand new list of ghana phone numbers concept, as countless companies and individuals have established successful internet businesses by selling on eBay, Amazon, bid-and/or their own independent web store. Again, however, building a successful online enterprise which is profitable is not the easy make millions in your underwear operation that some claim that it is. Running an online business is hard work. It requires constant attention to detail, organization, and relentless research efforts. One of the most common routes to e-business failure is lack of research and fact finding at all stages of business development. Whether the task is determining prices, choosing a merchant credit card processor, or simply deciding what the logo will look like, successful businesses research and investigate options prior to making their final decisions.

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While important in all decisions, perhaps the most important area in which to perform exhaustive investigations is when choosing suppliers from whom to list of ghana phone numbers buy your product (s). Many a business has been destroyed before even getting off the ground as a result of its founder believing that all suppliers with a web presence are legitimate. Really, it is the other way around. Many experts estimate that 70-80% of so called wholesale suppliers aren’t 100% legitimate. While a good many are outright scammers who will not deliver any list of ghana phone numbers goods what-so-ever, many more are scammers of a slightly different type. With the latter, you will get a shipment of goods, but your order will contain inferior, replica, or broken products, or may be a partial order of what you THOUGHT you were getting.

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With so much fraud surrounding wholesale suppliers, you may be thinking, If 80% of suppliers are scammers, how did all the successful online sellers avoid this trap list of ghana phone numbers when starting out? The good thing is that there are several things you can do to minimize – maybe even eliminate – the possibility you will fall victim to the scams and dishonesty amongst these companies. We will examine several techniques which are used by business owners-myself included-to weed out the good suppliers from the bad and the ugly.


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