Digital Marketing Guide for E-Commerce Beginners

E-Commerce and digital marketing are Cameroon Phone Number complementary fields. Digital marketing covers the processes of marketing a product or service in digital channels.

These can be listed as Google ads, SEO, social media advertising, E-mail marketing. One of the biggest mistakes that unsuccessful e-commerce sites make is not making the necessary investment in digital marketing.

Corporates identity

Not without corporate identity! Before starting the digital marketing process, your e-commerce site should be ready to be marketed and ready to meet the user. Before you start, you need to think carefully about the radical decisions you will make.

  1. You have to find a name suitable for branding. You should check whether the relevant field names are empty or not. (usually .com is preferred for confidence)
  2. You should check the relevant usernames for social media accounts.
  3. You should have a nice, simple logo that nourishes emotions with its colors and is suitable for your industry. You should leave this to professionals who know their job.
  4. You should have your special template designs ready for each social media platform (instagram, youtube, twitter etc.).

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Market Readiness

We have a clean website and social media accounts. Now it remains to enter our products. In addition, we need to prepare posts for our social media accounts.

We publish our products without haste, and are user-oriented , that is, by providing the necessary information for the user who will buy that product. We also publish SEO (Search engine optimization) compatible.

Definitely do not do xml dealerships, bulk product pulls. You should make separate SEO-compatible descriptions and edits for each product. Even if you do, you may need to edit them one by one.

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If you are going to sell in marketplaces , you should integrate them with each other. For this, you should pay attention to the integration of your e-commerce software with the marketplace (n11, gitgidiyor etc.) sites.

In this way, you will be able to control the sales to be made both on your own site and in all other market places, and manage stock changes from a single place. SEO Operations

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

allows you to rank organically in search engines such as Google and yandex.

Even if you are completely far from these topics, you do not need to be afraid as a newcomer in the e-commerce industry. SEO has now become heavily focused on user experience. He just has the basic technical adjustments, let’s get them done right away.

Before you start, I explained the Search Console installation, which you must do, at

Google Search Console : A tool where we can see which search query your site was clicked on during the day, how many people saw that search query, backlinks to your site from other sites, and many more.

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