Differences Between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting

One of the most important decisions you will make before creating a website is whether to use Linux or Windows as the server’s operating system. At this point, most people’s decision is in favor of Linux.

Linux is the operating system used by 39.2% of all websites. If we take a look at the rankings, 45.4% of all websites in the top 1,000,000 use Linux (W3Techs)

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From Linux to Windows, you can determine the most efficient hosting solution for your website or corporate applications needs with the help of our expert team among our speed and security focused hosting plans powered by the most modern hardware and original software.

Windows operating system is a Microsoft product


Windows Server is the choice of companies that need Cambodia Phone Number more Microsoft’s services and those with specific backend requirements. ASP.NET language works better on Windows Server operating systems.

The license fee of Windows is clearly felt in the prices of hosting packages. It is therefore recommended for those who want to save money and have a limited budget to choose Linux Hosting.

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Hosting websites created with

If your website will be built using ASP.NET or Microsoft’s version of SQL, you will need Windows servers. This is also true for C#, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SharePoint.

Compared to Windows, Linux handles more functions smoothly and does not require reboots as often. If you’re looking for a customizable environment with full control over your server environment, Linux will be a good fit for you.

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PHP also works on Windows Hosting. At the same time, databases such as Mysql, Mariadb can be installed and run in the Windows operating system. However, it is not expected to perform as well as Linux Hosting. WordPress also works on Windows Hosting packages, but it is not expected to perform as well as on Linux servers. Therefore, Linux Hosting is always recommended for WordPress.

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