Connecticut Athletic League president Al Carbone confirmed

Connecticut’s Sacred Heart Women’s College defeated the Lyman Hall High School women’s basketball team 92-4. Until the last quarter of the game, the score of the visiting team Lyman Hall High School was zero. After the game, Sacred Heart Women’s Academy apologized for the way the result was achieved. Southern Connecticut Athletic League president Al Carbone confirmed that Coach Jason Kirck has been suspended. “I think the difference is going to send a red flag to the outside world. It’s not just an 88-point gap, but how does that affect the student players?” he said. ”

The Sacred Heart Women’s Academy has been making

Us forced errorsand waits, directly adopts aggressive tactics such as pressing and double-teaming, and  actively tries to intercept, forcing the Kazakhstan Phone Number opponent to drop the ball, stop the ball, and make a bad pass. Fast break after the attacker makes a mistake. “I can oppress, and you can oppress too! How can it be unfair?” However, in fact, full-court pressure is not a conventional defensive method. Because of active pressure, the number of people

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In lower-level competitions, players have poor basic skills,

And they can easily win by practicing a few sets of tactics. I’m not sure if the Sacred Heart women’s academy in this article is the type, but it is true that grassroots basketball often has such teams. If you want to talk about this issue, the point becomes “how much are you willing to do in order to win”. There is a huge gap in the basic abilities of players – this is also the common experience of most readers, and it is also the main starting point of this article. Those who have played regular full-court basketball in Taiwan have more or less the experience of being abused (or abused) to the point of not being able to play. Because as long as the basic ability is one level

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