Cell Phone Listings – Why Free Services Do Not Exist

If you need to know the name of an

unknown cell phone caller, you will Senegal Mobile Database not be able to find this information out for free. While some websites tell you that you can search for free, that is all you can do. You can search for free until you are blue in the face, but you will never get any information.

The truth is that you can get names and addresses of cell phone number listings, but you will have to pay for this service. Landline phone numbers are made known to the public (unless you request an unlisted number), however cell phone numbers are not. Cell phones listings are made private and since you have to pay for every minute that you use, you do not want just everybody knowing your number and leaving you with a huge cell phone bill.

However if you do see an unknown number on your phone and want to know who the caller is, you can pay a one time fee to find out. This is a small price to pay if someone is harassing you on the phone, or you see a suspicious number on your spouse or child’s phone. These companies do charge a fee because that is their business. They have employees that compile all the phone numbers, addresses and information that is available. This takes time and constant work as the databases are always changing and have to be updated regularly.

If you are trying to find a free service to find cell phone listings, you are out of luck. You will have to pay for this information just like you would have to pay a plumber to fix your drain or the doctor to give you a check up. This is their business and that is why you will not find a free service to do that.

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