Book of Lists Marketing for Pressure Washing Companies

The American Business Spain Business Fax List Journals creates a Book of Lists every year in their numerous business sectors, it is astute for compel washing organizations to utilize this book of records to discover new customers. The book of records, records the top organizations in size in all industry divisions. Since pressure washing organizations clean nearly anything, it becomes them to utilize the book to specifically focus on the top organizations to work with.

A mix of telephone and fax selling works best to make sure about close to home arrangements. The following is an unpleasant thought of how our organization utilizes the book of records for new deals. On the off chance that you own a weight washing organization you ought to as well. You may wish to duplicate this article and three-gap punch it for your advertising cover. Consider it and Wash On !


Individual Car Washing –

Avoid those organizations with under 25 workers

Business Parks, Commercial Buildings, Property Management Companies –

Fax to them each quarter

Make individual visit like clockwork

Contractual workers –

Fax armada flyers each 4 to a half year

Establishment Headquarters –

Avoid establishment home office that are in our industry or are in a help business

Day Care Centers, Senior Care/Retirement Living Facilities –

Fax at regular intervals

Vessel/Marine Industry –

Fax 1 time every year and visit 1 time for each year

Lodgings, Motels –

Fax at regular intervals

Travel Agencies –

Skip for a half year to one year after Sept 2001 assault on America

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Assembling –

Consider buying and offices divisions like clockwork

House Washing –

Fax each 3 – 4 months

High rises –

Fax in October and February

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