6 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Killing Your Online B2B Marketing

Landing pages are part of your website but in a way are not your website. Landing pages are used for b2b email list download specific things like an email promotion or as a destination URL in a Google AdWords campaign. The idea here is that a landing page gets people to do 1 thing.

Here are 6 mistakes that are killing your conversions

1. Taking everyone to the home page. Far too often B2B selles send all their website traffic to their home page. This is a big no no. Your website’s home page has far too b2b email list download many choices and options when they arrive at your home page. For most marketing purposes use a landing page that asks your prospect to do only 1 thing.

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2. Boring headlines. So now that you’ve made a few landing site, don’t blow it on the headline. You have a fraction of a second to make and impression so don’t be b2b email list download boring. The best headlines address problems and get people to want to continue reading. Your headline should seem editorial, or if it was written for a newspaper.

3. Using your normal site design. You up to date with the latest and greatest, and you have a WordPress driven site that allows you to blog and easily update content. WordPress is a great platform for not only blogging but as a b2b email list download content management system. You did your landing page, but it still looks like the rest of your site. Ideally you would strip away navigation on the page so people will either read or leave but this can be hard to do. For starters you want to remove the side bar which is very easy to do in WordPress.

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When you want to create a page or edit a page in WordPress, look at the Page Attributes on b2b email list download the right hand side and under Template make sure No Sidebars is selected.


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